Special Testing & Consulting, LLC is a full service company that offers comprehensive inspection services for all NYC DOB required Special Inspections. In addition, we also provide construction materials testing and specialty testing services to meet any particular needs of a project. We are registered by the NYC Department of Buildings as a Special Inspection Agency and are fully accredited by A2LA, the American Association for Lab Accreditation.

Special Testing has an in-house testing laboratory with state of the art equipment. This includes a moisture controlled curing room, as well as separate work stations for concrete testing and soil testing, each furnished with new equipment. Our concrete laboratory is licensed by the NYC Department of Buildings and we specialize in High-Strength Concrete. Special Testing successfully participates in assessment programs conducted by the Cement and Concrete Reference Laboratory (CCRL), and the AASHTO Materials Reference Laboratory (AMRL).

As our company name suggests, we are also fully equipped to provide specialty testing services. Special Testing & Consulting owns equipment including coring machines, pachometers (rebar finders), Windsor probe and pin equipment, and hydraulic jacks and steel test fixtures for pull testing. With this equipment, we have the ability to service any special needs of a project.

With our staff of Licensed Professional Engineers, field engineers and certified technicians, Special Testing & Consulting is well experienced in all areas of inspection. All of our field personnel hold current certifications for every type of inspection they perform. We also provide in-house training to our entire inspection team to ensure that everyone is up to date with the latest standards and codes, as well as to review all inspection procedures. Our field personnel are furnished with the proper equipment to perform their inspections, including all required safety equipment.

Special Testing & Consulting, LLC is extremely proud of the fact that its Principal Partners are not only actively involved with every project, but are also readily available for all of its Clients.

Special Testing & Consulting's mission is to provide the highest standard of quality service to our clients and exceed their expectations. What sets us apart from our competition is that we realize that quality service should not only pertain to the jobsite. The ability to effectively report the results and findings of each inspection is just as important as performing the inspection itself. We make sure to provide clear, concise reports with a speed that our clients have come to depend upon.

At Special Testing, we believe that communication is also a fundamental part of quality service. At the start of each project, the company will consult with the project team to help ensure that all inspection and testing services required are understood and coordinated before the construction even begins. During the project, Special Testing is always available to answer any questions or concerns from our client, or the project team.

Special Testing & Consulting, LLC was founded by Mr. Sam Sette, P.E. and Mr. Bobby Bora in 2006. At the time, each of them had earned a highly regarded reputation in the New York City construction industry for professionalism, technical knowledge, and responsiveness to Client's needs. It was becoming evident that technological advances, such as email and smartphones, were considerably altering the response time that clients were expecting and deeming acceptable. The days of sending out reports almost a week after an inspection took place were over. Sam and Bobby, seeing a necessity for a company that provided its Clients with thorough inspections and a speedy turn-around time on results and reports, formed a company that greatly focused on client responsiveness to address these changing needs.

Sam Sette, P.E.

Mr. Sam Sette, P.E. is a co-founder and CEO of Special Testing & Consulting, LLC. With over 30 years of construction experience under his belt, his vision of combining high quality standards and the rapid response required by clients to keep their projects on schedule and within budget has been realized as exhibited in our testimonials and repeat clients. Sam has experience as both an entrepreneur and as a manager for large engineering firms throughout New York Metropolitan area. He has knowledge of all phases of construction - from contracting to structural engineering to testing and inspection - and has over eighteen (18) years of experience managing special testing and inspections for complex public and private construction projects

Bobby Bora

Mr. Bobby Bora is a co-founder and President of Special Testing & Consulting, LLC. Bobby has over 30 years of experience in construction, specifically in quality control engineering. He has domestic and international experience, having worked on high-profile construction projects outside of the U.S.A. Bobby has several years of experience as a construction inspector and a manager of inspections. He has performed thousands of structural inspections and he has trained hundreds of inspectors on the latest standards, codes, and proper inspection procedures. Bobby has a strong reputation for his extensive technical knowledge and holds multiple certifications for several inspection disciplines. Bobby earned a Masters Degree in Geology and Civil Engineering in Istanbul, Turkey and another Masters Degree in Civil Engineering from Rutgers University.